NACHTTERROR – “Judgement” CD

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6 Panel Digipack With 12 Page Booklet and 9 Tarot Cards

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Nachtterror is a Symphonic Black Metal band formed in 2006 in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Since their founding, Nachtterror has always been a band focused on telling a story of tragedy and empowerment – the tragedy of life and the suffering that can accompany it, as well as the empowerment of embracing your own negativity and using it to evolve and grow. Nachtterror attempts to convey acceptance of the inevitable and the ability to use it and overcome it.

“Judgement is a black mirror, allowing its listener to view their own dark truth. It is a story of the power of self; embracing or succumbing to its desires and fears.”
– Erik “Saint Wikk” Labossiere


“I just fell in love with metal all over again thanks to these guys. Take my heart, take it! I will forever-more be a fan of NACHTTERROR. “Nachtterror” a made-up term whose intent was to find a foreign way to say ‘night terror’ and is the fear of what comes in the night. Thank you to the band for the amazing pieces of art, musical, lyrical, and painted. Everything about this album rocks. Pretty sure I’m going to use its album art as a background on my phone and brag that I got the digital download from the band itself, yes, I liked THAT much! Carry on with the awesomeness. Thank you NACHTTERROR, truly.”
– Metal Temple


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