Existence:Void, the musical endeavour, emerged in the year of 2010 a.d. as an inevitable manifestation of its time. Conceptually, it is a plunge into nihilism and an exercise in overcoming – an inflammation to cleanse a wound.

The death of God, the evaporation of faith, the degradation of scientific certainty, the end of History, and the culmination on solipsism. From this postmodern existential circus, Existence:Void comes as a rogue act.

Existence:Void is nevertheless a constructive effort, founded on the philosophy of the West crossed with the dharmic teachings of the East. Its music, however, seeks to lead the mind into neither of these places, but rather, a long-lost Hyperborea.
Listen well and be taken there.

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Artists we have worked in the past


Rising in 2017 from the centre of Portugal, in the small city of Leiria,
Dallian is a band with roots on a solid background of modern Death Metal with added virtuosity of symphonic elements, all arranged in progressive dynamics.
“I really appreciate the complexity and textures you can get from using orchestral elements.” – explains Carlos. “This larger sound pallet adds more depth to the chord progressions. We didn’t limit ourselves to the orchestra standard too, implementing also more obscure, less common traditional instruments from several different cultures, which contributes to the exotic feel of our work.”

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