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NONE – “None” CD


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Chilling and despondent music from the Pacific Northwest is what you’ll hear on NONE’s impressive debut album. The piercing guitar tone interwoven with haunting and depressing synth pads and piano melodies results in a sound that is constantly plodding forward, marching in despair towards an empty void. The solid blasting on this album provides a constant pulse and momentum while desperate shrieks, spoken words, and wails can be heard throughout. Make no mistake, this music is fucking cold and would serve as a perfect soundtrack to your death. An endless blizzard in a vast tundra.

An album that will certainly appeal to Atmospheric Black Metal and DSBM listeners of such groups as Shining, Coldworld, and Woods of Desolation.


“This album brings you in some sort of trance. The combination of the slower, intense, atmospheric parts and the faster parts is balanced in a very good way. None delivers a perfect album with this self-titled debut. Considering the fact that this is their debut, I am curious to know how they will surpass this with their next releases.”
– Dutch Metal Maniac

“The three tracks on this release make up a little over 30 minutes of depressing and crushing black metal. Everything about the record feels genuine, as the vocal approach comes across as distraught, and bitter, while the guitar and drums create a mesmerizing flow.”
– The Metal Observer

“Overwhelmingly depressing, like the loss of a loved one, “None” leaves you empty and numb. Don’t look for much else. For the mood it sets, it does a good job. It’s traditional in scope and you won’t find a lot of variation from track to track in terms of the pacing or the structure, however. But this is nothingness well personified.”
– Metal Temple


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