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FORLESEN – “Hierophant Violent” CD


6-panel digipack with artwork from Benjamin A. Vierling (Aosoth, The Ajna Offensive, Joanna Newsom)

Sold out!

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This is an album that should be experienced late at night with quality headphones and an attentive mind so that is the reason for the midnight launch. If you live outside North America, I advise you to wait until tomorrow evening before delving in! Additionally, “Nightbridge” now has accompanying visuals for the entire 18 minute track. Not a music video per se, but rather an abstract short film that builds on the narrative from the abridged version. Still, it is recommended to listen to the first track “Following Light” beforehand so you can hear the album in the proper order.


“Hierophant Violent‘s abstract sounds woven into a droning, doomed atmosphere find themselves at a more advanced end of the music spectrum. Enter listening to this album with an open mind and expanded attention span, because you will be rewarded.”
-Invisible Oranges

“Evocative, and demanding of a patient and willingly immersed mind.”
-Grizzly Butts

“The album has a cinematic quality to it, creating lush psychedelic soundscapes that wash over you as you delve in deeper.”
-Wicked Metal Review


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