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Firmly anchored in Blackened Post-Metal, Life Vapor, not only builds upon the foundations of its predecessor, but it also cranks it up on all fronts. It instantly pulls you in with its killer mix of melodic and dissonant riffing, combining and incorporating various styles including elements of post-metal, black n roll, doom, and second-wave black metal. This album is loaded with catchy riffs and memorable hooks exhibiting momentous black n roll sections that transform into triumphant post-metal, sombre doom metal, and everywhere in between. Life Vapor is an album that manages to explore a wide berth of what the blackened sub-genres can manifest while remaining rooted by strong and purposeful songwriting and a balanced mix that highlights the instrumentation.


“The abstraction the band achieves on this release is impressive given how familiar and poignant these tunes sound — for black metal that hits all the spots and doesn’t give you anything you didn’t need, Life Vapor is where it’s at.”
-Invisible Oranges

“‘Life Vapor’ is an easy high recommendation to fans of modern yet divergent black metal forms and post-metal informed extreme metal who’d yearn for something outside of dry norms and dirtless renderings.”
-Grizzly Butts

“It packs a lot of meaty content into 39 minutes, both of the instant appeal variety, and the slower burning atmospheric kind. if you’re a fan of blackened, hooked metallic darkness, then Life Vapor is one to check out”
-Wonderbox Metal

“Although in places this is a pretty savage album, but it is packed with melody, tunefulness and great riffs that stick in your head. This is an album that works on songwriting, rather than huge production or bombast. These are very well written and played songs, and that is where this album shines.”
-Musipedia of Metal


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